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Ambulant Browser Plugins
This page tests whether you have the Ambulant browser plugin installed for your current browser. If the Ambulant Welcome document is active in the area below, the browser plug-in is correctly installed.
If you are running Internet Explorer and you don't have the plugin installed yet: you should see a dialog box, or possibly an information bar at the top of this window, asking you for permission to install the plugin. You should grant permission to start the installation.
If you are running another browser and don't have the plugin installed yet you will see an Ambulant Player icon and a link to the install page.
You don't have the Ambulant SMIL plugin installed.
Please visit the Download page if you want to install the plugin.

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We appreciate any feedback on your experience with the plugin, especially details on your experience with automatic or manual installation.
Obtaining the player.
The full AMBULANT SMIL Player is provided in two formats: an open source distribution that can be built on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows systems, and a set of convenience installers that have been pre-built for various platforms. Please pick the appropriate link below to select the desired AMBULANT distribution.

PreBuilt Installers Ambulant Source