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Ambulant Browser Plugins
This page helps you select the appropriate browser plug-in for Ambulant. We support two ways of plug-in selection: automatic and manual.
Automatic Plugin Selection
Either I cannot determine your browser and operating system, or it is a combination for which we don't have a supported plugin at the moment. You can try a manual selection below.
If there is a plugin that does work for you then please mail us and include the information below:
Manual Plugin Selection
If the auto-selection guessed wrong: here is a complete list of the Ambulant browser plugins we have, and the platforms on which we think they may work.
Internet Explorer
Windows Vista, 7, 8
(32 bits)
(see note below)
Install. Try Firefox plugin
(64 bits)
Not available.
Use 32bit Windows for now.
MacOSX 10.7 or later
(32/64 bits)
Install. Try Firefox plugin
(Intel, 32 bits)
Install. Try Firefox plugin
(Intel, 64 bits)
Install. Try Firefox plugin

Note: if you have trouble installing the IE plugin manually, visit the Ambulant Plugin Installation Test page, which should install the plugin automatically.
Obtaining the player.
The full AMBULANT SMIL Player is provided in two formats: an open source distribution that can be built on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows systems, and a set of convenience installers that have been pre-built for various platforms. Please pick the appropriate link below to select the desired AMBULANT distribution.

PreBuilt Installers Ambulant Source