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Ambulant Pre-Built Player Installers
The binary installer versions of the AMBULANT player provided below are pre-built convenience releases of the AMBULANT player. They represent a snapshot of the source tree at a given development moment. In order to obtain the most current version of the player, you are encouraged to build an up-to-date distribution from the Ambulant source distribution.
Please read the Release /2.6 Release Notes before downloading and installing the Player. Also, please see the Readme files included with each installer for platform-specific functionality.
Ambulant Installer Table
Windows: Windows Installer
Macintosh: MacOSX 10.7 or later
Linux: Ambulant is available in a Ubuntu PPA, use the following Terminal command to enable it:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ambulant/ambulant
Debian packages are also available, add the following line to your list of package sources:
deb 14.04 ambulant
Easiest is to get Synaptic, and use Settings->Repositories->Other Software->Add....

Or you download a Source Distribution

Obtaining the player.
Please share your experiences with us, either by subscribing to the general AMBULANT User's mailing list or via the AMBULANT Feedback private line to our developers. Thanks!

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