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Ambulant Beta Player Installers
Ambulant Beta Distributions
Ambulant 2.6 is the current release, if and when new betas become available they will be listed here. However, we have pretty much done away with beta releases. In stead, you can download a nightly build, below.
Ambulant Nightly Builds
Unlike beta distributions, nightly builds are created often, but completely untested. They may be worthwhile to try if you have reported a bug that has been fixed, or if you know that new functionality you need is available, they are really nothing more than an automatic build of the current source tree. They will also disappear from the website as new ones become available, so be sure to keep one safe if it works for you.
Nightly builds are available in the nightlybuilds directory. Each subdirectory contains a few recent installers for its type. Here is a breakdown of the available subdirectories with some notes. There are also subdirectories starting with "exp-", unless specifically instructed to have a look at these they are best left alone.
Easiest for Ubuntu users is to use the launchpad PPA, at launchpad.net/~ambulant/+archive/ambulant-nightly. There's a link there to instructions on how to use a PPA too.
Debian packages, for Ubuntu 14.04, source, 32bit and 64bit Intel binary. Add the line
deb http://www.ambulantplayer.org/nightlybuilds/default/deb 14.04 ambulant
to your list of package sources. Builds for other Ubuntu versions may also be available, replace the 14.04 by the relevant value for your distribution.
API documentation, for people extending or embedding ambulant. The HTML documentation can be browsed. For Mac and iPhone developers we also have an XCode DocSet. Download, unzip and put into ~/Library/Developer/Shared/Documentation/Docsets. This makes the Ambulant developer documentation available in XCode, just as the Apple documentation is.
Ambulant for iPhone and iPad. These can only be used if you have previously registered your device with us, this is how Apple ad-hoc distributions work. We can only admit a limited number of beta testers. If you want to join the Ambulant for iPhone beta program: please obtain your iPhone UDID and send an email message to AMBULANT Feedback (including the UDID of your device), and if we have room we will add you.
If you are enrolled in our iPhone beta program you can install the IPA file by double-clicking it (or dragging it onto iTunes), and the next time you sync your device it will be installed.
Download the XPI file and open with Firefox to install it. For 32bits Intel systems.
Download the XPI file and open with Firefox to install it. For 64bit Intel systems.
MacOSX 10.7 or later desktop player. Universal 32/64 bit.
Browser plugin for the Mac, tested with Safari and Firefox. Download and open the DMG disk image, drag the plugin to your "Internet Plug-Ins" folder and restart your browser(s).
Source distribution.
Desktop player for Windows 7 and Windows 8.
Browser plugin for any browser except IE, for Windows 7 or 8.
Internet Explorer plugin for Windows 7 or 8.

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