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Joining Ambulant
Users or organizations who are interested in more direct participation can join the AMBULANT Open SMIL Player team by sending an expression of interest to: Ambulant Feedback at CWI. We are interested in partners with prior SMIL experience or with media codec or networking protocol experience.
Joining Ambulant
Send the team a note!
The AMBULANT team wants to hear from you: we want to know why you are here and what you want from the Ambulant player. This information will be used to help us build a better picture of who uses SMIL and why. Let us know if you want to hear back from us (or if you DON'T want to hear back from members of the development team). And don't worry, we're too busy with various aspects of building the planet's best open-source SMIL player to send you spam or even to resell your e-mail address. Please, help us help you!

Please take a moment to share your experiences with us, either by subscribing to the general AMBULANT User's mailing list or via the AMBULANT Feedback private line to our developers. Thanks!
If you simply want to remain informed about AMBULANT developments, join the AMBULANT Announce mailing list; this is a (very!) low-volume list that posts major announcements regarding the status of the Ambulant project.
If you find bugs in the Ambulant player, please file a bug report (at our Source Forge site).

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