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What's New at Ambulant?
We are often asked: why are you working on a new SMIL player? The answer is, in short, that the AMBULANT Player Project is an attempt at providing a clean, fully open and fully customizable SMIL player that can be used as a common research and development resource. Via AMBULANT, we hope that various research groups (academic and corporate) will have an incentive to develop new tools, protocols and algorithms in a way that fosters common development and also provides a platform for comparing and verifying each other's work.
Lots of things still need work in AMBULANT. We use it in a number of projects, and the stuff we need works pretty well. Still, there are lots of areas for community enrichment. In the meantime, we do not expect that AMBULANT will replace existing commercial players: this is not our goal.
If you would like to customize the AMBULANT player for your needs, please send us a note. Better yet, consider joining the Ambulant team. (You may even get invited to spend some time at the AMBULANT development center, in Amsterdam.)
Use one of the links below to get in touch.

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