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The AMBULANT Player is an open-source, SMIL 3.0 player. It contains a basic player UI framework and implements nearly the entire SMIL 3.0 Language profile. It also implements the SMIL 3.0 UnifiedMobile and SMIL Tiny profiles. For more information on SMIL 3.0 support in AMBULANT, please see the About SMIL 3.0 page.
A series of convenient builds for the Mac and Windows platforms are available at the AMBULANT Convenience Builds page.
Reuse of the AMBULANT Player source tree is covered by the terms of the Ambulant/Lesser GNU license and copyright notice.
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The source distribution for AMBULANT 2.6 consists of a common source tree and a set of projects, scripts and Makefiles for various platforms.
Please follow these steps to acquire all the source coded needed to build AMBULANT:
  1. Read the Release Notes!
  2. Download the Release /2.6 Source Tree.
  3. The documentation in the per-platform section of the distribution gives explicit instructions for downloading and compiling the third-party packages needed to build AMBULANT.
Alternatively, you can track our current source tree using Mercurial (hg). Visit the SourceForge Ambulant Developer Page for details.
If you do not want to install Mercurial you can also download nightly tarball files. See the Ambulant Beta Releases page for details.
Obtaining the player.
Please share your experiences with us, either by subscribing to the general AMBULANT User's mailing list or via the AMBULANT Feedback private line to our developers. Thanks!

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