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SMIL Technology Demonstrators
This page provides links to a set of applications demonstrators that use various implementations of SMIL technology. These implementation are not based on the Ambulant player, but the results of using these tools can be rendered in Ambulant and other SMIL 3.0 players.
These are all unsupported demonstrators and are provided to help illustrate the power of SMIL.
Because of production constraints, not all of the technology demonstrators listed below will be available when AMBULANT 2.0 is released, but we expect to have all versions available by mid-December 2008. (Links to currently non-active functionality are set in red.)
Demonstrator Table
Application Description Download Links
YouTube Captioner This demonstrator allow you to add captions and subtitles to arbitrary YouTube videos. You select the video, then add captions. The result can be published and shared with friends near and far. The YouTube Captioner page
Javascript smilText engine This demonstrator allow you to view timed text created with smilText in a browser window. The Javascript smilText page
Image PanZoom This demonstrator allow you to add a set of PanZoom movements to your favorite images. You select the image, then add a set of timed panZoom instructions. You can even add an audio storyline to your presentation. The result can be published as a SMIL 3.0 file. Image PanZoom Readme File

Image PanZoomer
Obtaining the player.
The technology demonstrators are for execution in a browser window using a local Javascript engine and Ambulant server-side technology. The demos allow SMIL presentations to be exported. The may then be used with any SMIL 3.0 compliant player. We know that they work with Ambulant 2.0. Use the links below to obtain a copy of the AMBULANT player.

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