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The News demo provides an example of how a complex presentation can be partitioned and navigated by simple end users. It tests a host of SMIL features. (One feature it does NOT test is smilText: we didn't find a Solvenian translator in time to provide captions for this release. Any volunteers?)
The News demo uses a number of video excerpts from the day's news stories. A storyboard is created based on a segmentation of news topics. One of the interesting features is SMIL's pre-emptive scheduling using the exclusive element: during any story, hit one of the three ad icons at the bottom of the screen. You are forced to watch the entire ad before continuing. If you select a second ad while watching the first, it gets scheduled for you once the first one finishes. Once you are done with the high-priority inserts, the normal content (the news...) continues. Try it -- if you are an Ad-Man, you'll love it.

This demo was created using the Oratrix GRiNS Editor. The SMIL structure was originally created for the BBC, but they wouldn't allow us to reuse their content. Luckily, the people of RadioTelevizija Slovenija were more flexible. One additional sign of their flexibility: click the Weather icon -- you'll hear Slavko's baby crying in the background.

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