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Ambulant Player Demos
Please note that the media objects referenced in each demo may NOT be used in any other presentation.
The Birthday Demo
The purpose of this demo is to show:
 - how navigation can be used to control content in a presentation.

 - HappyBirthday.smil:
       The small device model, with video content
 - HappyBirthday-Big.smil:
       A large device model, with video content
 - HappyCE.smil:
       A small device version, without video content

 The plug-in version is an adaptation of HappyBirthday.smil

Suggested Run Sequence:
1. Run any version on the desktop player
2. Run HappyCE.smil on PocketPC/PDA players without video support
3. Run either HappyBirthday.smil or HappyCE.smil with video support.

Dick Bulterman

November 2008

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