Ambulant 2.6
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
ambulant::common::alignmentDetermine how to align an image in a region
ambulant::common::animation_destinationInterface to animate region information
ambulant::common::animation_notificationReceive notification when something has been animated
ambulant::common::background_rendererConvenience class for background renderers
ambulant::common::bgrendererBgrenderer is a pure virtual baseclass for background renderers
ambulant::common::embedderInterface to be provided by application embedding AmbulantPlayer
ambulant::common::empty_playable_notificationConvience class: a playable_notification that does nothing
ambulant::common::factoriesConvenience class that stores all per-document factory objects
ambulant::common::focus_feedbackThis class may be implemented by gui players, to show mouseover
ambulant::common::global_playable_factoryProvider interface to playable_factory
ambulant::common::global_playable_factory_implImplementation of playable_factory
ambulant::common::global_state_component_factoryImplementation of state_component_factory plus provider interface
ambulant::common::gui_eventsAPI for receiving GUI events
ambulant::common::gui_playerComplete Ambulant Player, base class for GUI
ambulant::common::gui_screenThis class allows plugins access to the screen (window, actually)
ambulant::common::gui_windowThe virtual baseclass for GUI-dependent window classes
ambulant::common::layout_managerDetermine where to render media items
ambulant::common::playableInterface the scheduler uses to control playback
ambulant::common::playable_factoryFactory for playable objects
ambulant::common::playable_factory_machdepMachine-dependent auxiliary object to be passed to renderer factories
ambulant::common::playable_impA convenience class implementing some of the common code for playables
ambulant::common::playable_notificationAPI for playable objects to do callbacks
ambulant::common::playerBaseclass for all players
ambulant::common::player_feedbackInterface for getting feedback from the player
ambulant::common::plugin_enginePlugin loader
ambulant::common::plugin_extra_dataStructure for extra information a plugin may want to expose to Ambulant or Ambulant extensions
ambulant::common::preferencesClass providing access to user preference settings
ambulant::common::region_dimA representation for a region dimension
ambulant::common::region_dim_specA structure holding all layout attributes of a SMIL region
ambulant::common::region_evaluatorA simple utility for evaluating regions positioning attributes
ambulant::common::region_infoInterface to a class that holds all SMIL 2.0 layout information for a region
ambulant::common::regpoint_specA structure holding attributes of a SMIL regPoint or regAlign
ambulant::common::rendererInterface for playables that actually render something
ambulant::common::renderer_playableA convenience class for playables that are also renderers
ambulant::common::renderer_playable_dsA convenience class for playables that receive data from a datasource
ambulant::common::renderer_playable_dsallA convenience class for playables that cannot start rendering until all data is available
ambulant::common::schemaA class encapsulating the XML Schema used by the application
ambulant::common::single_playable_factory< PlayableClass, Tag, Renderer_uri, Renderer_uri2, Renderer_uri3 >Template factory for one implementation class
ambulant::common::state_change_callbackAPI that allows callbacks on changes in state
ambulant::common::state_componentAPI exported by state components, and used by Ambulant to implement SMIL state
ambulant::common::state_component_factoryFactory to create SMIL State component for a specific language
ambulant::common::state_test_methodsAPI that allows state components to obtain systemTest and customTest values
ambulant::common::surfacePure virtual baseclass for a region of screenspace
ambulant::common::surface_factoryInterface for storing SMIL layout information
ambulant::common::surface_templateInterface for storing SMIL layout information
ambulant::common::video_rendererConvenience class for video renderer_playables
ambulant::common::window_factoryAPI for creating windows
ambulant::gui::none::none_background_rendererDummy implementation of background_renderer
ambulant::gui::none::none_playableDummy implementation of playable
ambulant::gui::none::none_playable_factoryImplementation of playable_factory that returns none_playable objects
ambulant::gui::none::none_windowDummy implementation of gui_window
ambulant::gui::none::none_window_factoryImplementation of window_factory that returns none_window objects
ambulant::lib::auto_ref< T >A ref_counted wrapper around a normal objects
ambulant::lib::avt_change_notificationInterface for getting callbacks if underlying values used in an Attribute Value Template have changed
ambulant::lib::basic_atomic_count< T >An atomic counter
ambulant::lib::basic_point< T >A two-dimensional (x, y) point
ambulant::lib::basic_rect< T, S >A two-dimensional rectangle
ambulant::lib::basic_size< S >A two-dimensional size
ambulant::lib::callback< T, A >Ref counted version of a callback
ambulant::lib::callback_event< T, A >Callback with an argument that is not refcounted
ambulant::lib::callback_struct< T, A >A structure able to hold the generic callback arguments
ambulant::lib::const_tree_iterator< Node >Node tree iterator
ambulant::lib::critical_sectionA mutex
ambulant::lib::critical_section_cvA mutex plus a condition variable
ambulant::lib::custom_testInformation on custom test used in the document
ambulant::lib::delta_timerA scheduler for timeout events
ambulant::lib::documentA class respresenting an XML document
ambulant::lib::eventInterface to be provided by a scheduler/timer event
ambulant::lib::event_callback< T, E >Callback with argument that is also an event
ambulant::lib::event_processorInterface to be provided by an event scheduler
ambulant::lib::event_processor_observerNotification interface for event processor activity
ambulant::lib::flag_eventConvenience event class that sets a flag when the event fires
ambulant::lib::global_parser_factoryImplementation of parser_factory plus provider interface
ambulant::lib::loggerLogging message handler
ambulant::lib::no_arg_callback< T >Callback without arguments to refcounted obj
ambulant::lib::no_arg_callback_event< T >Callback without arguments
ambulant::lib::nodeSimple tree node with tag, data and attributes
ambulant::lib::node_contextInterface of document class accesible to nodes
ambulant::lib::node_factoryInterface for factory class that creates node objects
ambulant::lib::node_navigator< N >Navigate a DOM tree
ambulant::lib::nscontextXML namespace information
ambulant::lib::parser_factoryInterface to create XML parsers
ambulant::lib::ref_countedInterface for reference counted objects
ambulant::lib::ref_counted_objAn implementation of the ref_counted interface
ambulant::lib::sax_content_handlerInterface for a consumer of SAX events
ambulant::lib::sax_errorClass that holds information on SAX parse errors
ambulant::lib::sax_error_handlerInterface for the SAX error handler
ambulant::lib::scalar_arg2_callback_event< T, A, B >Callback with two arguments that are builtin types
ambulant::lib::scalar_arg_callback< T, A >Callback with an argument that is a builtin type to refcounted obj
ambulant::lib::scalar_arg_callback_event< T, A >Callback with an argument that is a builtin type
ambulant::lib::system_embedderBaseclass for embedder that will implement external commands
ambulant::lib::threadInterface to the threading system
ambulant::lib::timerClient interface to timer objects: allows you to get the current time and the rate at which time passes
ambulant::lib::timer_controlController interface to timer objects
ambulant::lib::timer_control_implAn implementation of timer_control
ambulant::lib::timer_observerAn interface that can be used to receive notification when interesting things happen to a timer
ambulant::lib::transition_infoStores all information regarind a specific transition
ambulant::lib::tree_builderBuild a DOM tree from a document
ambulant::lib::tree_iterator< Node >Node tree iterator
ambulant::lib::xml_parserInterface for a SAX XML parser
ambulant::net::abstract_demuxInterface for objects that demultiplex audio/video streams
ambulant::net::audio_datasourceFull interface to an object that supplies audio data to a consumer
ambulant::net::audio_datasource_factoryInterface to create an audio_datasource for a given URL
ambulant::net::audio_decoder_finderFactory for finding an audio decoder
ambulant::net::audio_filter_finderFactory for finding an audio converter
ambulant::net::audio_formatThis struct completely describes an audio format
ambulant::net::audio_format_choicesThis class describes the range of audio formats supported by a consumer
ambulant::net::audio_parser_finderFactory for finding an audio format parser
ambulant::net::av_datasource_mixinMixin interface to an object that supplies video or audio data to a consumer
ambulant::net::databufferClass to hold data bytes
ambulant::net::datasourceThe interface to an object that supplies data to a consumer
ambulant::net::datasource_factoryImplementation of all datasource factories
ambulant::net::demux_datasinkInterface for clients of abstract_demux
ambulant::net::filter_datasource_implConvenience baseclass that implements the framework for a filtering datasource
ambulant::net::pkt_datasourceInterface for an object that provides packetized data to a consumer
ambulant::net::pkt_datasource_factoryInterface to create a pkt_datasource for a given URL
ambulant::net::raw_audio_datasourceImplementation of audio_datasource that reads raw audio data from a datasource
ambulant::net::raw_datasource_factoryInterface to create a datasource for a given URL
ambulant::net::raw_filter_finderFactory for finding a raw data filter
ambulant::net::stdio_datasourceImplementation of datasource that uses stdio to access local files
ambulant::net::stdio_datasource_factoryImplementation of raw_datasource_factory that creates stdio_datasource objects
ambulant::net::urlClass representing a URL
ambulant::net::video_datasourceInterface to an object that supplies video data to a consumer
ambulant::net::video_datasource_factoryInterface to create a video_datasource for a given URL
ambulant::net::video_datasource_mixinExtra methods for av_datasource_mixin that are relevant only to video
ambulant::net::video_formatThis struct completely describes a video format
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