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The AMBULANT Open SMIL Player is an open-source media player with support for SMIL 3.0. The current AMBULANT release provides namespace-based support for the SMIL Language, UnifiedMobile and SMIL Tiny profiles. The current release also provides full backward compatibility with SMIL 2.0.
AMBULANT is intended for researchers and developers who want an source-code player upon which they can build higher-level systems solutions for authoring and content integration, or within which they can add new or extended support for networking and media transport components.
The AMBULANT player may also be used as a complete, multi-platform media player for applications that do not need support for closed, proprietary media formats. If you want to use AMBULANT as a media player, please keep in mind that licensing issues prevent us from providing support for RealMedia or WindowsMedia proprietary formats in this release of AMBULANT.
What's New at Ambulant?

December 2012
Ambulant 2.4 is available as standalone application and browser plugin. Download from the Beta page.

February 2012
A browser plugin is finally available again for the Macintosh, compatible with all popular browsers. Download from the Beta page.

September 2011
The Ambulant plugin for Safari has stopped working because of a Safari security update. We will eventually provide a new plugin for the Mac, also for Firefox, but it may be some time in coming.

April 2011
For the convenience of developers extending and embedding Ambulant we now make API documentation available (for nightly builds/repository access). See the Beta page or jump right in.

March 2011
Ambulant now uses Mercurial (Hg) for version control. If you were tracking the SourceForge CVS repository you should switch to the Hg repository, the CVS repository is no longer updated and will soon go away. See the Source Code page for more information.

March 2011
We are starting with nightly builds, for the convenience of people who want a newer versions of Ambulant than then most recent full distribution but who do not want to build everything from source code. See the Beta page.

Obtaining the player.
The AMBULANT SMIL Player is provided in two formats: an open source distribution that can be built on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows systems, and a set of convenience installers that have been pre-built for various platforms. Please pick the appropriate link below to select the desired AMBULANT distribution.

PreBuilt Installers Ambulant Source